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We are the responsible alternative to big-tech


To make people analytics possible in a responsible way, to better understand the world for all


We geek out on IoT and security so you don’t have to

Nicolai Harbech

Partner og co-CEO


Mathias Mikkelsen

Full-stack Developer


Carim El Husseini

Partner og co-CEO


Andres Martin

Growth Associate



We create responsible solutions and growth with IoT

  • to take responsibility for what I create.
  • to only help create things I would want my loved ones to use.
  • to pause to consider all consequences of my work, intended as well as unintended.
  • to invite and act on criticism, even when it is painful.
  • to ask for help when I am uncertain if my work serves my community.
  • to always put humans before business, and to stand up against pressure to do otherwise, even at my own risk.
  • to never tolerate design for addiction, deception or control.
  • to help others understand and discuss the power and challenges of technology
  • to participate in the democratic process of regulating technology, even though it is difficult.
  • to fight for democracy and human rights, and to improve the institutions that protect them.
  • to work towards a more equal, inclusive and sustainable future for us all, following the United Nations global goals.
  • to always take care of what I start, and to fix what we break.