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People Analytics as a Service

Know where and when you lose revenue

Jayflux is the IoT-analytics solution to help you focus and optimize your experience to generate more revenue.

GDPR Ready

Be responsible. Stay safe.

Get the Data

Know customer behavior in real-time, around the clock.


Keep data private and secure, and comply with GDPR


Decoupled from your IT systems and networks for minimal risk.

Reach Your Goals

Optimize resources and grow your bottom line


Customer traffic

“You cannot optimize what you do not measure”

Your business is like fitness. 5% optimized equals 5% better, faster, and leaner. But to measure your real assets and spaces takes up too many resources. Resources you don’t have.

Guest traffic is guess work

Your services are incoherent

Maintenance and cleaning cost escalate

Coordination is chaotic

Data is disconnected

Your business doesn’t grow

Crowd Analytics Reporting

Analyze Guest Behavior in Real-time.

Get the big picture. See your visitor traffic over time and places, in real-time. Get the big data to make right decisions.


See the direction of your guests at and across your locations.


Observe how and how much your premises and spaces are being used.


Analyze and predict how and when bottlenecks and density occurs.

Visitor Analytics

In Real-time.

At Scale.

Jayflux gives you the reports about how guests use your physical spaces so you can focus on optimizing where necessary.

See it in action

Let us show you how Jayflux can optimize your customer experience now and in the future.

Reduce CAPEX & Risk

Small Footprint.

Big Impact. 

Jayflux is designed to minimize the fiscal impact on your experience business. Easy installation, decoupled from your IT network, gives you full security throughout. Pay only for the reports you need.


Leased and installed easily via nearest electrical output.


The sensors starts collecting data and sends it securely to Jayflux.


You get access to the data via Jayflux’ reports and API integration.

Get the insights to make the rightly timed decisions.

Connect & Automate.

Your Business.

Machine Learning

Jayflux’ artificial intelligence disects all the patterns in your physical business.


Connect data with business systems and get real-time insights at scale.


Data collections, protection, security, reporting, maintenance…


You IT network, data, customer and visitor privacy…


Your customer experience and business where and when it is needed.

Features and more…

We could spend all day talking about features and possibilities. If you’re interested, please have a look here.

Get Started in No Time.


We help you set up the system at your locations.


You get immediate access to your data and reports via our web app.


Start analyzing and optimizing your business in real-time.

Privacy Protected


We take your business and your customers’ data privacy seriously. Jayflux is designed for privacy first according to the strictest ethical and legal standards.

GDPR Ready

Designed for Privacy First.

Know your customers behavior. 

Grow your business faster.