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About us

We help businesses get to know themselves, better 


At Jayflux it’s all about people and the right decisions. Data is secondary, but vital for optimizing our collective decisions.

For us, our customers, and the globe. 


We provide data solutions about people to help businesses improve.


Our solutions help protect your privacy and reduce surveillance practices.


To help all businesses better manage their CO2 footprint.


Democratic Analytics


Jayflux is not just a service. It’s a manifest. A manifest about not just standing idly by as our privacy and planet vanishes before us. If we are to better make use of our surroundings, in a sustainable fashion, it must not be at the expense of our collective privacy. It must go hand in hand.

We say no thanks to surveillance society and yes thanks to democratic, sustainable use of data about our society.

Tech Pledge

We have taken the pledge


Here we are

We are born global. We operate virtually. Join our cause wherever you are.

Carim El Husseini

Carim El Husseini

Co-founder & Tech Lead

Nicolai Harbech

Nicolai Harbech

Co-founder & Commercial Lead

Andres Martin

Andres Martin

Growth Associate & SEO Specialist

Federico Soukharev

Federico Soukharev




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