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General Terms of Licensing



Last edit: Januar 27, 2020


All software developed by or for Jayflux ApS (”Jayflux”) is protected by copyright as Jayflux’ copyrighted property.

Jayflux hereby confirms that the license holder, presupposed to have entered into a written license agreement with Jayflux, is allowed to use the software developed by or for Jayflux (“Jayflux Software”) in accordance with the terms and conditions of the specific agreement and supplementary terms and conditions hereof as well as the third party software identified in the Jayflux Software, documentation and any script accompanying this license, regardless of form.

Jayflux shall retain the ownership of the Jayflux Software and reserves all rights that are not explicitly transferred to the license holder by written agreement. Anyone who gains access to the software developed by or for Jayflux must observe the intellectual property rights applicable to the license holder under these terms and conditions and shall be deemed to have agreed hereto.



In accordance with the terms and conditions of the specific license agreement of the license holder as well as these general terms and conditions, the license holder has a limited and non-exclusive right to install and use the Jayflux Software. Those customers of Jayflux who purchase development of special customer-specific Jayflux Software will assume the rights to the aforementioned customer-specific Jayflux Software, which rights would otherwise have fallen to Jayflux, concurrently with Jayflux receiving payment therefore and to the extent that no dispute exists regarding the delivered service or the payment and terms thereof.

Immaterial Rights


The license holder must observe the intellectual property rights under which the Jayflux Software is protected, including the source code protected by copyright, and thereby contributing to the continued protection hereof. As part of the copyright protection of the Jayflux Software, the license holder must abstain from copying the software developed by or for Jayflux, including “reverse engineering”, dismantling, decrypting or attempting to extract the source code or the like as well as contributing to the above by giving others the opportunity to do so. Furthermore, the license holder shall abstain from manufacturing and from contributing to the manufacture of other products on the basis of the software developed by Jayflux or any part thereof, as well as renting, leasing, lending, selling, redistributing or sublicensing Jayflux’ software to others. Departure from paragraph 3 hereof is permitted by explicit permission under a specific agreement, or by explicit necessity in order to solve an assignment given by Jayflux or performed on behalf of Jayflux, only. Any violations or attempts to that effect shall constitute an infringement of Jayflux’ and Jayflux’ customers’ and business partners’ rights.



When the license agreement between Jayflux and the license holder expires, the license holder may not retain any copies of the Jayflux Software or any parts thereof, including copies stored on computers or other storage units, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the license holder. If an update of Jayflux Software completely replaces an older licensed version of the Jayflux Software (a full installation), then the license holder may not use both versions of the Jayflux Software at the same time, nor assign them separately. The obligations resting on the license holder under these terms and conditions shall remain in force for as long as the license holder has access to Jayflux Software or any copies thereof.

Violation and breach


Any breach of the above obligations is actionable immediately before the enforcement court, with a petition to issue an injunction in pursuance of chapter 57 of the Danish Administration of Justice Act without provision of security.

By purchasing and licensing the software of Jayflux ApS, you hereby accept Jayflux ApS’ terms of licensing.



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