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Experience Analytics

Scalable & Anonymized Visitor Analytics.


With Jayflux as a Service you get all the intelligence you need to monitor your physical spaces in real-time. All while keeping your guests safe.


Customer Experience.

Cleaning & maintenance

Know where your staff must act at all times and locations. 


Utilities, facilities, and other assets used at your premises.


Attract and retain more and better customers with better information.

System as a Service

Jayflux System

The central Hub of the solution. Jayflux Hub connects your system of sensors together and transmits data securely to Jayflux Cloud.


Benefits & More

We have baked so many features into Jayflux that we sometimes loose track of them.

All in one solution

Avoid massive CAPEX and get the reporting and data you need.

Deeper insights

Get to know your guests more intimately via their personal devices.

Access securely

Via the reporting web app to see everything that goes on in real-time.

Scale with ease

Jayflux operates outside your network to make it more secure for you.

Scan for anamolies

Know where and when something is about to happen, before it does.

Automate work

Set parameters to automate lighting, music, and alarms with ease.

Closed circuit

Jayflux operates outside your network to reduce risks on your end.

Big intelligence

Analyze across guests, zones, and locations at all times.

Experiment, measure and learn

With increased flexibility you can better measure what works.


Well Suited for… 


Fitness & Wellness

CoWorking Spaces

Event & Meetups

Minimale infrastruktur udgift

Jayflux kører uafhængigt af dit netværk. Tilsæt kun strøm og se data flyde ind.

Adminstrer faciliteter bedre

Reducer udgifter til vedligehold, rengøring og forbrug, og vid hvor du bør sætte ind.

Super-optimer kundeoplevelsen

Servicer dine kunder mere præcist, så du kan vækste dine kundeforhold.

Questions you may have

What is Jayflux?

Jayflux is an Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics solution, all in one. We help companies with physical and real experiences to better measure the behavior of their guests in real time.

What does Jayflux do?

By implementing easy-to-deploy and scalable sensors, Jayflux scans your facility for nearby wireless devices such as phones, smart watches and other smart things.

This allows us to map all the activities and movements of all your visitors, helping you make more informed decisions about designing the physical experience of your business.

Who does Jayflux help?

We principally help companies that provide a real life experience to customers at scale.

Examples include Fitness & Wellness, Retail, Events, and Meetups.

What does the Jayflux solution include?

Jayflux comes as a complete hardware and software package, rented as a service. We help you install, configure, manage and support you during the rental of your systems. To make your job easier and help you generate more business.

What does Jayflux need to get started?

Only one electrical connection. Jayflux sensors transmit small and frequent data packets. We help you manage your data and knowledge, securely, so you can focus on your core business.

What information does Jayflux provide?

Jayflux "sees" the visitor's devices, but not the actual visitor. This helps you understand the demographic trends of your visitors, to help you convert them into paying customers.

Jayflux's algorithm also provides you with statistics and predictions on the conversion rate, the measurement of attribution, as well as the maximum flow, to better manage your spaces and help your staff.

How does Jayflux handle privacy?

Jayflux scans so-called "MAC addresses" that can be traced back to individuals. Jayflux cleans and forgets personally identifiable data, encrypted and stored in a secure cloud. This helps you comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.


Are you missing?

Fear not. We are always open to hear ideas on how Jayflux may help your business optimize. Just reach out below. 

Analyze your physical spaces smarter & grow your business faster.